Company Profile

Name Cheng Fwa Industrial Co. Ltd
Symbol CF
Stock Code 5426
Market Type GTSM (OTC) Listed Company
Industry Type Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Major Business Activities (1) Chassis and its other components for Digital Set-Top Box
(2) IPC Case (Inc. Industrial Computer/ Storage/PC) and its other components
(3) Other
Date of Establishment 1972-07-17
Date of OTC Listed 2000-02-09
Date of OTC Listed 1998-05-05
Capital NT$1,438,000,000
Chairman Tsai Tsung Hsun
Address No.25, Kuang-Fu RD, Section 2, Sanchong Dist.,New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C. 
Stock Transfer Agency Oriental Securities Corporation
Auditor Firm KPMG
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant) Hsin-Ting-Huang、Shih-Chin-Chih
Telephone Number +886-2-2995-1436
Fax Number +886-2- 2995-7166
Email address
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Corporate Governance

Article of Incorporation

01 Chapter 1:General Provisions Download
02 Chapter 2:Shares/ Stocks
03 Chapter 3:Shareholders’ Meeting
04 Chapter 4:Directors and Supervisors
05 Chapter 5:Managers and employees
06 Chapter 6:Accounting
07 Chapter 7:Supplementary Provisions

Governance Policy

NO. Subject
01 Procedures for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets Download
02 Procedures for Financial Derivatives Transactions Download
03 Procedures for Endorsements, Commitments and Contingencies Download
04 Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties Download
05 Internal Audit Organization and Enforcement Rules Download
06 Organization Chart Download
07 Setting and title of Managers Download
08 Ethics code of Conduct Download
09 Application to suspend and resume trading operating procedures Download
10 Internal significant information processing and prevention of insider trading management operating procedures Download
11 Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduc Download
12 Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for companies Download
13 Risk management methods and procedures Download

Board of Directors&Functional Committees

2023 Board of Directors

NO. Subject
01 Functions of the Board of Directors and Introduction of Members Download
02 Procedures of the Board of Directors Download
03 Rules for Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors Download
04 Board Diversity Policy Download
05 Communication between independent directors, internal audit supervisors and accountants Download
06 Management publicity on preventing insider trading Download
07 Minutes of Board Meetings Download
08 Integrity management and reporting system management promotion Download

2023 Compensation Committee

NO. Subject
01 Functions and Members of the Remuneration Committee Download
02 Organization Regulations of Remuneration Committee Download
03 Remuneration Committee Meeting Minutes Download

2023 Audit Committee

NO. Subject
01 Audit Committee Functions and Members Introduction Download
02 Audit Committee Organization Regulations Download
03 Audit Committee Meeting Minutes Download

Financial Information

2024 Quarterly Financial Report

NO. Subject
01 2024 Q1 Consolidated Financial Statements with Subsidiaries Download

Stock Quote

Stock Quote

Choose “English” version. Go to “Stock” →“After-Hour Trading Information” → ”Daily Stock Quotes → Choose the Selected Date then look for code “5426”。

Shareholders’ Meeting Information

Services for shareholders

IR Contacts

Mr. C-Z, Li
Assistant Vice President
Mr. Chen
Audit Office Supervisor

What's new

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